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Cakes and bakes w.l.l


We just love honey cake!

History of honey as old as humans on this planet.  It’s used from ancient civilization for food and medical purposes. We are applying  hundreds of years old formulas to prepare layered soft and smooth honey cakes with various flavors… “ try it once, to get addict ”

We bring you our honey creations in your plates, wherever you are, It's simply all about centuries back Medovik recipe with our chef's creativity,


Our signature honey cakes in varieties of natural honey. Saffron with honey and mix nut formations. Fresh ingredients such as  Natural honey, flour. butter ,saffron .mix nuts. and dairy cream etc… in action.. few days fermentation processes with our chef's culinary art, to shape delicious honey cakes from our oven to your taste buds.


It's what's on the inside that counts

We have the Real Russian Layered Honey Cake with some different flavors like saffron and natural nuts,(No preservatives or chemicals) culinary handmade preparation with natural ingredients.

Bake Point Using the real Honey Cake recipe which used by great Chef WHO SOUGHT to impress the great Queen Elizabeth of The Great Brittan in the 18th Century we keep trying to make the same experience since 2009 in all over the GCC



since 2009


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